ihracat danışmanlığı

Taking into a the values ​​and mistakes created by the company in terms of access to foreign markets, it is necessary to utilize the opportunities with the least risk by using a correct strategy.

As AOK  DIŞ TİCARET LTD ŞTİ. , we are committed to the internationalization of our customers and products in international markets.

We provide our customers with the opportunity to expand their market share with our knowledge, experience and technology infrastructure that can provide all kinds of support for finding the products or services you want abroad, providing the products you have traded more cheaply or finding alternatives, marketing the products you provide or the services you provide abroad.

Our works are not limited to this, but we also guide them in the best way to ensure the financial resources they experience in their export-oriented work and help to keep export costs to a minimum.

Also on the internet; Writing the English text (Company, Product Introduction, Contact Information, market research, registration of the company to international guides, bulletin boards, virtual fairs, district markets, adverts, renewal of advertisements, evaluating the responses to your ad and notifying your company, collecting requests from the internet and requesting We are planning and implementing all kinds of activities related to creation of all kinds of communication with the companies, creation of demands from the chambers of international trade and industry, collection of demands from the professional associations, investigation of the reliability of the companies to be entered into commercial activities, advertisement, marketing, promotion and sample.

All the correspondence we made on the internet environment, then we offer our customers as a file.