We make a comprehensive research of the companies that manufacture and export the products that our customers want to import from international  markets. We take offers that are appropriate to the qualifications of the desired product by contacting with the companies , and offer the bids to be evaluated together with the address list of the manufacturers and exporters. Our priority in the import consultancy service is to bring the profitability upwards by bringing them together with quality and affordable solutions while maintaining the production or commercial activities of the enterprises.

In addition to the work done at the point of import consultancy, the product name of the product sector to be used to find the time to be consumed, personnel and expenses to save the companies with the result of the preliminary search for the need to make a preliminary discussion (preliminary interviews are made by us only the end of the research from the companies on the list of offers related to the offer The names of the companies that accept to give / receive will be offered to the taxpayer. We provide facilities such as receiving / selling of the products and accepting / giving the offers to the taxpayer company in accordance with the instructions to be given in accordance with the instructions to be given. Besides, preparing / preparing the English by determining the definition, specification and standards of the product to be purchased,
According to customer instructions, you can bid or receive invoices in pro form,
To participate in the negotiations for the sale or purchase of the product with or without the customer, to prepare the offer / order, to prepare the contracts and to make the final connection and / or to assist in the execution,
To assist in the carriage / transport companies, freight contract / charter party agreements, supervision of loading / evacuation operations
To assist in the preparation and implementation of payment during connection negotiations (opening of bank letters of credit etc.)
To assist / follow up import / export customs procedures,
Supporting promotional activities related to the product at trade fairs and exhibitions
To obtain product samples from manufacturing / exporting companies in foreign countries or to export distributors
Assisting in the testing of product samples where necessary
Permi, standard etc. in related government departments. to follow the receipt of important commercial, legal, scientific documents to do translation work
We provide services such as sales / order, payment, transport, customs etc.